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Using Personal Asset Loans for Your Small Business.


asset based lenders are better option for working capital

There are many reasons a small business needs working capital fast, whether its emergency cash to meet payroll, a customer delays payment, unexpected equipment breakdowns, an advantage or special opportunity that requires cash down or a bridge loan until a long-term bank loan closes.

A growing means of raising working capital quickly, personal asset loans are helping small businesses get the short-term loans they need to make their businesses successful.

These new alternative financial products can be obtained from online lenders who will allow you to use your personal luxury assets as collateral for loans. They are proving to be quite popular among nimble entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of special offers and unexpected opportunities to grow their businesses.

Luxury Assets for Personal Asset Loans

The items must have high value and must be stored in our secure storage location.

  • Gold and diamond jewelry
  • Luxury watches such as Rolex, Breitling, Piaget
  • Classic and high end luxury vehicles (NOTE: We must take possession of the collections.)
  • Fine Art


Bad Items for Personal Asset Loans

  • Real Estate: It’s not allowed by law to use real estate as collateral for a Personal Asset Loan
  • Cars and Trucks: We must take possession of the motor vehicles so you will not be able to use them while we have them in storage
  • Computers and electronics: Their value declines very quickly due to technical obsolescence


Advantages to Personal Asset Loans

  • Speed: The whole transaction can take place in as little as 24 hours
  • Does not Affect your credit-No credit checks or lengthy loan applications
  • No personal guarantee: Your asset fully supports the loan as collateral

Advantages of Collateralized Lending


asset based lending is a  better option for working capital

Collateralized lending is becoming quite a popular alternative to traditional bank loans, but why? What do you do when you need to have working capital at a moment’s notice?  As bank loans are increasingly harder to come by, asset based lending is quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional bank loans for acquiring working capital fast.  Why are so many people choosing asset based loans over traditional ones?


Improved liquidity

When used correctly, asset based lending or collateral loans can provide you with financial stability and predictable cash flow. This benefit can help stabilize operations for companies that are growing rapidly, have tight cash flows, or have seasonal revenues.  For individuals, unlocking the value in assets such as fine art or luxury vehicles can cover unexpected expenses or opportunities that just can’t wait.


Easier to get than loans and lines of credit

Qualifying for collateral based financing program is easier than qualifying for a bank loan or line of credit. If you have an asset or object of value you can borrow against it. It’s that simple.

All transactions are private, secure and will not affect your credit.

Your valuables are kept in a climate controlled location in a secure facility that utilizes some of the most advanced security technology available. Once the loan is paid off your assets will be returned to you.


Can the loan be obtained quickly?

Once your assets are appraised you can have your money in as little as twenty-four hours.

collateralized lending agencies like Eliasson Capital help businesses and individuals to unlock the value of their assets allowing them to become liquid in as little as 24 hours.