You Had a Great Year….And Now The Tax Bill To Prove It!


You had a great year! But paying taxes is one of the consequences of making money. A large tax bill can be a true measure of success, however it can also be very difficult to plan for. With April 15th just around the corner, Eliasson Capital can help.

You are successful, intelligent and diligent, so you know you have options. Your best option is Eliasson Capital. We are discreet, easy to do business with and quick. Unlike a traditional bank loan, Eliasson does not require an extensive, invasive application process. You can have the money to pay your tax bill in as little as 24 hours. And, because of our low rates, you can borrow $25,000 for as little as $500 per month.

Your success deserves to be rewarded! Let Eliasson keep you on a successful path so you do not have to divert your resources from your pleasures just to pay Uncle Sam. Plan your vacation, join the country club, rent the summer house…you earned it! We’re just here to help.