Asset Based Loans During Tax Season

Tax calculator pen and glasses

Tax season is here so what are you supposed to do if you find yourself with a hefty tax bill? Liquidity is important for both businesses and individual and for those who have their wealth tied up there are options that are less expensive and more private than a loan.


For individuals personal Asset Lending allows you to use assets like cars, equipment, and jewelry to get working capital for your business. Loans against art and other valuables can also be used as collateral.

You can unlock the hidden potential of items such as

  • High End Sports Cars
  • Luxury Watches
  • Fine Art
  • Fine Jewelry

Qualifying for a collateral based financing program is easier than qualifying for a bank loan or line of credit. If you have an asset or object of value you can borrow against it. It’s that simple.

All transactions are private, secure and will not affect your credit.

Your valuables are kept in a climate controlled location in a secure facility that utilizes some of the most advanced security technology available. Once the loan is paid off your assets will be returned to you. Most small businesses do not have extra assets or equipment just laying around. In cases like that a merchant cash advance can be a beneficial and flexible option to obtain working capital needed to grow.


For businesses, a merchant cash advance, more commonly referred to as an MCA can help you come up with money for the tax man quickly. An MCA is simply a purchase of future credit card sales.

More flexible than a bank loan,  an MCA is based on percentages of sales allowing leeway during a time when sales are low.

Merchant Cash Advances are also easier to come by than a bank loan. The application process is much shorter and a business can have their money in as little as twenty four hours.