Collateral Loans After the Holidays

asset based lenders are better option for working capital

After a whirlwind of spending during the holidays and a few weeks before your tax returns come in, your bank account may be hurting a bit for cash in the beginning weeks of the new year. So what happens when the deal of a lifetime comes up, or conversely what happens when disaster strikes and the boiler decides to break down?

Finding the working capital you need in a crunch doesn’t have to be a scramble to the bank. Collateral based loans are a quick and cost effective way to get cash without having to affect your credit.

A collateral loan allows you to use assets like cars, equipment, and jewelry to get working capital in as little as 24 hours. Loans against art and other valuables can also be used as collateral.

Eliasson Capital makes it possible for individuals to leverage luxury items like cars, fine art, jewelry and designer watches as collateral for a low interest loan in a fraction of the time it takes to process a formal bank loan, with absolute privacy.

Your collateral is kept in their state of the art, secure storage facility while the loan is being settled.

Asset based lending is becoming a more popular option than typical bank loans. If you are interested in a collateral loan through Eliasson Capital call us at (516) 282-7900.