Artwork Loans

loans against art

Eliasson Capital helps you unlock the true value of your fine art collection.

With the availability of our unique artwork loans you can now turn your artwork into liquidity without selling it.

Loans Against Fine Art

Whether you are an art collector, art dealer, gallery or the owner of a single piece of artwork Eliasson Capital can offer a unique financing opportunity which can get you instant cash for your collateral.

While alternative funding options may require you to sell your fine art, Eliasson does not. We will provide you with a valuation on your art based on multiple variables in our market analysis process. Once a value is established and agreed upon, Eliasson Capital can furnish a loan to you based upon this collateral. You can repay the loan at any time for the return of your artwork from our secure facility.

Is an Artwork Loan right for me?
If you need immediate liquidity and do not want to sell your artwork we can help. If you want to avoid credit checks or the typical bank loan process please give Eliasson a call. Eliasson Capital can close your loan fast, offering some of the quickest turnaround times in the industry.

It’s fast, it’s discreet and it’s secure.