Assets We Accept

Fine Art Pawn
Fine art as collateral
When it comes to fine art lending, there are several important factors that determine the value of the artwork. These include the artist, provenance, condition, recent sale and auction prices. Original bill of sale and any pertinent authentication paperwork are very valuable in the appraisal process and calculating loans against art.
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luxury antique cars
sports cars as collateral
Eliasson Capital lends against high-end automobiles. We estimate the value of a modern car based on mileage, year, condition and market value; we follow a rigorous set of parameters to assess the value of a classic car.
high end watches as collateral
pawning designer watches
Describe your watch to Eliasson Capital and provide as many details as possible so we can give you a preliminary estimate. As a luxury pawnbroker, what we look for in a watch includes:
  • Brand: Unquestionably the single biggest driver of value.
  • Style: A watch that is intricate or has unique features tends to be valued higher.
  • Condition: If it is in pristine condition, it will command a higher valuation
Other factors go into valuing a luxury watch, such as the age and whether or not it comes with its original packaging. The bill of sale and other paperwork originally provided with the watch would also influence its value.
fine jewelery for asset loan
fine jewelery as collateral
The maker, condition and the presence of precious gemstones in your jewelry all influence the appraisal process. The original bill of sale and any other pertinent documentation will help in assessing the value of your fine jewelry.
pawn rare coins
rare coins as collateral
Eliasson Capital lends against coins and bars of precious metals; particularly gold, silver and platinum. Our valuation is based on the spot price of the metal at the time of evaluation. Any paperwork, such as an assay report that can authenticate the item, is helpful in determining value.
gold as collateral
high end pawn
Jewelry can be appraised for its content of precious metals. We will determine the gold or platinum content and can offer an appraisal based strictly on the spot value of the precious metal contained within the jewelry.
asset based loans
structured settlement funding
If you have a structured settlement but require more liquidity now, Eliasson Capital would be happy to review the terms of your settlement and provide a lump sum.